Friday, November 24, 2006

Arty spoon

This is one hard-working spoon, used by generations of students for making linoleum prints. It has rubbed so many japanese rice papers against linocuts that it can´t keep count of them all. It´s been bent (not Uri Geller style, more muscle-power style by frustrated students), handled, spilled on, painted, cleaned, hit, dropped and mistreated by so many hands, but it has also helped producing hundreds of wonderful prints. I wonder if anyone ever used it for eating?

EDM challenge no. 94.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stockholm Concert Hall

It´s been kind of quiet here for a while due to work that always builds up around this time of the year, but the workload is finally getting back to normal and so is my drawing habit.

When I went to art school fourteen years ago, our teacher brought a cellist to school and let us sit and draw while this very skillful musician gave a concert. It was a magic drawing moment, and last night I was lucky enough to experience it again, with a few more musicians to choose from (and a slightly higher ticket price).

We went to a Sibelius concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Stockholm, a real musical treat, and before we went I decided I was going to draw at least one musician while there. I chose my most quiet pen, the extra fine Lamy Safari (I know, I use the Lamy all the time, but I assure you - it´s not only generally good to draw with, it´s good to draw quietly with as well) and a sketchbook with very smooth paper in it, so as not to make any noise.

I tried to be as discrete as possible, so these are very cautious drawings. I had a great view over the orchestra, and some of the audience sitting behind it (strangely enough), and drew the whole concert through.

I had the same feeling drawing during this concert as I´ve had sometimes during conferences and lectures - it seems that drawing sharpens my listening. I had the grandest musical experience even though I was totally concentrated on drawing. Anyone else noticed the same thing?