Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year´s Eve

No, I will not publish any special New Year´s drawings here, I mean, how original could it be? A drawing of fireworks? Don´t think so. A watercolor of champagne glasses? Nope. New Year´s eve is a great day, a fine celebration, but to try to draw something "Newyearsevy" just to wish you all a happy new year feels a bit forced.

Instead I´m just going to show you what happens when I get a lot of time on my hands (17 days off work around Xmas and New Year´s - yay!). I found this little gem among my other art materials, a Winsor and Newton bijoux box of some kind. I never used it much, because the construction of it irritated me a bit.
Firstly, there´s a stupid little water compartment in it (hence the little cap, see image below), containing about the amount of water that would save an ant from dehydration. How did they imagine anyone would be able to paint with so little water? Even in an emergency situation? It doesn´t take up much space though, so I can live with it. But they could have left it out of the design.
Secondly, and this is worse than the water container, there are two metal rods inside that you have to squeeze in between the half pans to keep them in place, and these rods cover quite a bit of the surface of the pans, making it hard to pick up paint on the brush.
I love to be able to have watercolors with me in a small box like this, but it has to work properly and this one didn´t.

Now, with too much time, there´s always something you can do about badly designed art supplies. I threw out the rods, and discovered that without them there´s a whole lot more room in the box, so I could squeeze in two extra pans in it. I decided which order I wanted them all in, and then I simply glued them in with a glue gun. The box is incredibly small, only 8,5 x 6,3 cm (3.3 x 2.5 inch) and works just fine if I´m not out to make huge paintings. This little fella will replace my old customized box, which has served well until now (starting to look more than a little rugged, though).

Now that you know what I´m up to, except drawing, I´ll go back to slacking and eating all this unhealthy but incredibly tasty holiday food. Hey, it´s only New Year´s Eve once a year!

I´ll be back soon with some drawings. Until then - Happy New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

One for the road

Christmas often means a bit of travelling for us, and this time I had the opportunity to spend the car journey drawing (i.e. dear M did the driving). Tried a few fast landscapes and the interior of our car. I always find cars hard to draw, but somehow the inside is easier to capture on paper than the exterior. I would like to spend some time practicing drawing cars, I can´t understand why they should be harder to draw than anything else, and it would be nice to overcome that difficulty. I´ll have to make that a drawing challenge for the summer (always nicer cars out and about then...).

Friday, December 22, 2006

Improvized X-mas decoration

We have relocated twice this year, due to our landlord´s renovation of the area we live in, and in a few months we are going to move once more to a slightly bigger apartment. To make this year a little easier, we decided not to carry ALL our stuff around every time we move. Instead we stored a lot of our belongings elsewhere and kept only the things we knew for sure we would need during the year. Unfortunately we managed to store all our Christmas decorations. We try to keep up a good mood by simply calling our Christmas approach "minimalistic".

Today I noticed this little still life on one of our loudspeakers. Apparently my dear M had stumbled upon ONE tiny piece of Christmas ornament, and to give the poor thing some kind of company over Christmas, he put it between the two African wooden dolls. I don´t know, I think all three look equally surprised by the situation, but I´m sure they´ll get used to it.

Decorations or not, I know we will have a nice Christmas anyway, and wish all of you the same!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Back to normal

I´ve been doing a huge project for a couple of weeks (hence no updates here), which included collecting images, drawing, photographing, scanning, printing, doing some research and putting it all together into a book, and then giving it away. It was fun, but now that it´s all done my fingers are itching for some basic drawing, drawing for it´s own sake, drawing for the heck of it, drawing because it´s fun, drawing for no good reason at all. Turned to the most boring and basic stuff at home for some inspiration, and completely lost track of time while drawing a simple dish brush. Ah, good old drawing habit. It´s good to have you back.