Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Book forest

I have been in a beech forest for the first time of my life. I´ve seen beech trees before but they don´t grow up in the north of Sweden where I come from, so standing in the middle of that forest on a sunny day was a bit special.

In Swedish, the beech tree is called “bok”, which can also mean book. Which of course always leads to a lot of bad jokes about libraries as soon as we set foot in a beech wood…

Anyways. Magnificent trees. I managed to sit down for a while and capture one in my sketchbook, and spending time looking at that tree made me think that trees are like people in that they have very different body languages. The beech tree looks proud and strong (but kind), the birch-tree is kind of happy and calm, the pine is quiet and lonely and the spruce looks a bit gloomy, perhaps lacking a bit of self-confidence...

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Oh, all these Internet novelties... You learn something new every day. I have been tagged. Apparently this is something you do in the blogging part of the electronic world. You get a challenge from someone to do something - write a list on a certain subject or draw something or whatever, and then you´re supposed to post it on your blog for everyone to see.

I´ve been tagged by Jako and Anna and now I´m supposed to make four lists here - five things I have in my purse, five things I have in my closet, five things in my fridge and five in my car. I thought it would be nicer to draw all this stuff than to just write it down, so here it is:

Five things in my fridge: soy sauce, sambal, sushi gari, fresh ginger and garlic (always)

Five things in my closet (yes, we do keep other stuff there along with the clothes): a flashlight, my bike lights, a bicycle repair kit and my bike computer (wow, turned into a bike theme here)

Five things in my "purse" (I´m more the messenger bag kinda girl): the pen case, cell phone, keys, wallet and the Swedish Military lip-salve (I´m not joking. It´s the best.)

As for the car... well. Living in a big town means that if you leave your stuff in the car, you´ll have to learn to live without it sooner or later. So our car contains four seats and a steering wheel. And how fun is that to draw?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

EDM challenges no. 59 & 65

Spring is finally here (in Stockholm) and like everybody else I love it. It´s been very much longed for after a long cold winter. But it does have a disadvantage - or millions of them, actually. Pollen. Those nasty little grains flying around, invisible to the eye but very real when it comes to clogging up my face, making nose and eyes itch and run. Which is why I combined two EDM challenges this time - draw a sign of spring and draw your nose.

The usual signs of spring - buds, grass and flowers - are all very nice, but the thing that really makes me go "yep, spring is definitely here" is the day when I have to start carrying at least three different kinds of medicin around with me - one for the body, one for the nose and one for the eyes.

But still. Spring is nice.