Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look, it´s a car!

I am getting more and more time for sketching now (since the summer holidays start in a few days from now), which probably means more frequent posting on this blog too. The last few weeks I have been incredibly busy with work, but now, slowly, a great Calm is beginning to find it´s way into my mind.

Anyway. Cars. I´m still practicing drawing cars every now and then, and this time I think I almost got it. I tried hard with this one not to think that I was drawing a Toyota, I just compared lines and lengths and angles as I do with any other subject I draw, and I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just need to make some more successful car drawings, so I don´t have to draw the conclusion that this was just beginner´s luck...

12 x 12 cm, Micron pen on Fabriano artistico hot press paper.


Sandy said...

Oh Yes i like this, I think you captured an amazing amount of detail for a fast sketch AND the perspective looks great to me - I am striving to be quick and loose - emphasis on striving.

SCquiltaddict said...

funny i am SURE you could draw whatever you put your mind to...bytw that balloon/town wc is lovely too

Courtney said...

Hi Nina,

I really enjoy your blog. What great drawings! They are an inspiration to me.


Lisalou said...

Have I told you lately that I just love everything you do?! I forget to stop by and am always happy when I do. Also, thank you for taking the time to encourage Katie. I told her she should be flattered since you are so terrific.

Starr said...

You are incredible. To sketch fast and turn out this well. You are an inspriation.

Bill said...

Well done! You should be famous!
I have always found cars challenging, among a few other things.

Anonymous said...

hi nina
I love this
enjoy your summer freedom