Thursday, May 10, 2007

Every day in May no. 10

I have been playing around with some patterns today. This is something that the small Moleskine Watercolor is actually quite useful for. Making patterns like this on a bigger surface would drive me nuts, but in this size it is still manageable.

I´m planning to do a series of small paintings in acrylics or oils, and I need some patterns for the backgrounds. I am not quite sure what I want, so I just doodle on and try out colors and shapes and whatever for this purpose.

The patterns are 8 x 12 cm, drawn/painted on a small Moleskine Watercolor spread, using two Lamy Safaris, Noodler´s Black and Lexington Grey and some watercolors.


Jenny said...

Interesting designs. They are similar to quilt patterns ... though much faster to complete!

Anonymous said...

The "cross" pattern is very interesting. they almost look like wood carvings at different levels. Very nice effect.

suzanne said...

Ooooooh, I love these. Both appear very three-dimensional! And I agree, nice use of the Moleskine.