Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Every day in May no. 29

This is the first drawing in this May challenge that wasn´t posted on the right day... But it is posted before I went to bed, so I still count it as the 29th! :)

Now here is something I find difficult - fingers pointing towards me. Take a look at that index finger, and try to figure out how far apart the knuckles of the index and the middle finger must be, according to this drawing... Oops.

This is one of the things where my brain just can´t let go of it´s knowledge of the world. I usually don´t find it that hard to draw what I see (or just about) instead of what I know, as long as I take my time and really LOOK before I draw. And theoretically, it shouldn´t be harder to draw hands than to draw a box or a flower or whatever, as long as you draw what you see. But with forshortenings of the hand, it seems to be impossible to overlook what the brain knows and what the hands feel. I mean, the hand is my drawing tool, it is part of my body, I both FEEL and KNOW the shape of it. What the eyes see doesn´t seem to matter in this case. Isn´t that odd?

12 x 8 cm, Lamy Safari and Noodler´s Black on small Moleskine Watercolour page.


Linda said...

Ouch -- you chose a difficult perspective for this one, didn't you! :-D
I wonder if it is difficult becuase we FEEL our fingers as well as SEE them???

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

How did you do that ... Great drawing, and I can only guess how time consuming it was.

Sandy said...

I think this is Really Good -

mrana said...

You're right, this is a really difficult perspective to interpret, but you've done an brilliant job! I'm definitely not going to try it anytime soon.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Love it!